Meet Asaba Mukobi: Founder of the Kasese Wildlife Conservation Awareness Organization.

I was given a whole new perspective on American vs. Ugandan childhoods on Thursday. Inspired by his story on the Oregon Zoo’s website, I contacted Asaba Mukobi to find out what his Kasese Wildlife Conservation Awareness Organization was all about. Why did he start it? How does it work? What are his goals? He answered all these and so much more as we talked over lunch on a cold Portland day.

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World traveler: Naples High grad has a goal as she sets her sights on new trip

It was just over four years ago that I addressed my fellow graduating class at Germain Arena wondering aloud where the next years would take us. Four years later, I find myself in a similar predicament.

Yes, some might argue that I was asking for it when I decided to major in anthropology and religious studies, (which somehow rearrange themselves to spell out “no job prospects” when employers look at them on my resume), but I like to think otherwise.

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