The Kasese Wildlife Conservation Awareness program benefits both wildlife and humans in the Kasese District of Uganda. Asaba Mukobi, originally from Uganda, started this program due to the lack of information available to local people about wildlife. Since 2002, with the help of both the Columbus Zoo and Oregon Zoo, much has been accomplished. We received non-profit status in 2009. As Executive Director, Asaba works closely with the KWCAO Board and the 13-member team of Field Coordinators in Uganda. Since 2002, KWCAO field coordinators have given wildlife conservation presentations and materials to over 500 schools resulting in more than 425,000 students learning about their native wildlife and the necessity of conservation practices. Field Coordinators volunteer their time and all work for the Kasese District Education Department.

If you want to build a ship, then don’t drum up people to gather wood, give orders, and divide the work.  Rather teach them to yearn for the far and endless sea.

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In this same spirit, KWCAO’s vision is for a future where wildlife is protected in the Kasese District and beyond. To realize this vision, we teach children to yearn for the beautiful flora and fauna of Uganda. Experience and education are the primary tools to create this yearning.


We envision a future where there is an appreciation for the value of local wildlife, which are some of the most endangered species in our world.

The Kasese Wildlife conservation Awareness Organization is a non-profit making project established in 2002 to create Wildlife Conservation Awareness among school children and communities who live near Queen Elizabeth and Rwenzori National Parksin Western Uganda. Since its inception over 215 schools have been given wildlife presentations and materials that have helped in the conservation efforts of the valuable fauna and flora resources. Wildlife education is relatively new in the Kasese District (western Uganda). It is only through the Kasese Wildlife Conservation Awareness Organization that painstaking efforts are being made to integrate wildlife issues into the school curriculum. We strongly believe that the survival of the people and communities in western Uganda will continue to depend on the sound management of the environment and natural resources. Therefore, there is a vital need to expand public awareness of the wildlife issues for sustainable development for the future.

Mission & Goals

Create wildlife awareness and conservation in schoolchildren and their communities in the Kasese District of Uganda.

Through classroom presentations and outreach programs to communities in the Kasese district, KWCAO continued to meet its mission and goals this past year by:

  • Giving students fundamental knowledge about native wildlife and wildlife conservation through educational presentations and materials.
  • Helping students and community members identify ways they can join wildlife clubs or even establish their own, either at school or home.
  • Helping students discover new ways to look at wildlife other than the local traditional ways (i.e. source of meat, crop destroyers, local medicine, source of income through poaching, trade, etc.)
  • Training educators to implement conservation programs in schools and communities.
  • Developing and implementing several wildlife clubs within the geographic region.
  • Putting together several traveling suitcases full of educational wildlife props and supplies that are shared among participating schools and communities.
  • Educating national park neighboring communities about the value of protected areas.


Board Members in the United States:

  • Asaba Mukobi, President
  • Michael Illig, Treasurer
  • Alice Stuckey, Secretary
  • Rick Horton, Director
  • Becky Nellis, Director
  • Dr. Kim Voyle, Director
Board Members in Uganda:

    • Muliwabwo Elisha, Chairman
    • Rev. Nyabutundu, Secretary
    • Dr. Kamara Cyril, Treasurer