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conservation through education

Saving Ugandan wildlife through conservation education and benefiting the community

Uganda (in orange on map) is a country on the continent of Africa.

Uganda (in orange on map) is a country on the continent of Africa.

Ugandans and Americans have very different perspectives on wildlife. In Uganda, for many decades, wildlife have been considered to be pests, crop destroyers, food, sources of traditional remedies, sources of income through poaching and trade, etc. Only recently have efforts been made to stop poaching and increase the population of endangered species in the Kasese District and in all of Uganda. In America, we see these beautiful creatures and wonder how could anyone kill them? Yet most Ugandan children and adults never have the opportunity to see wild animals and therefore the prevailing attitudes continue. There are other organizations working in the Kasese District to protect wildlife but KWCAO's efforts are focused on educating the children to enable them to learn the importance of wildlife conservation.

The Kasese Wildlife Conservation Awareness Organization (KWCAO) began in 2002 as a grassroots effort of Asaba Mukobi, a zookeeper, who was then working at the Columbus Zoo in Columbus, Ohio. Asaba has since moved to the Oregon Zoo where he currently works as a zookeeper. He grew up in a small village of Bwera in the Kasese District, of Western Uganda. This village is less than 20 minutes away from the Queen Elizabeth National Park, but he never had a chance to see wild animals, nor learn about them. Today KWCAO continues to give children, teachers and parents their first look at wildlife in its natural habitat through video presentations and pictures in their schools, communities, and annual field trips to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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