Conservation through Education

Mission: Create wildlife awareness and conservation in schoolchildren and their communities in the Kasese District of Uganda.


Protecting Wildlife

Learn more about what KWCAO does to protect Uganda’s magnificent wildlife and their habitats

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Benefiting Both People and Wildlife

Read about what KWCAO does to secure a future for wildlife and the people of Uganda


About Us

The Kasese Wildlife Conservation Awareness program benefits both wildlife and humans in the Kasese District of Uganda.  Read More…

Our Programs

The Conservation Through Education program was created to educate school children and communities about the many different species that make up the wildlife in the Kesese region.  Read More…

Kasese District

Kasese district is located along the Equator in the western region of Uganda, formed in 1974 under the Provincial Administration of Rwenzori district that was curved out of Tooro.  Read More…

Take Action

Help sustain and enhance efforts to create public awareness and conservation of wildlife in communities adjacent to the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda.  Read More…

Meet Asaba Mukobi: Founder of the Kasese Wildlife Conservation Awareness Organization.

I was given a whole new perspective on American vs. Ugandan childhoods on Thursday. Inspired by his story on the Oregon Zoo’s website, I contacted Asaba Mukobi to find out what his Kasese Wildlife Conservation Awareness Organization was all about. Why did he start it? How does it work? What are his goals? He answered all these and so much more as we talked over lunch on a cold Portland day.

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